The Killer Victims Jack Weston


Published: March 17th 2012

Kindle Edition

259 pages


The Killer Victims  by  Jack Weston

The Killer Victims by Jack Weston
March 17th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 259 pages | ISBN: | 7.79 Mb

THE KILLER VICTIMSPolice in several countries are perplexed by the random, motiveless killings of innocent victims in their parishes. The washed out TV personality in the snows of Montana, the waiter in his Barcelona restaurant, the old spy in a Somerset hospital near Bath, the German vivisectionist and his wife on holiday in South Africa.Then, in The Vatican, a New Zealand diplomat is caught in the act of attempting to murder The Pope.

There is no question of his guilt, yet Commander John Henry is an unlikely assassin. A placid man, a strict follower of The Holy See, a family man, strong traditionalist with a rocketing career, and potentially a future leader of his country.

He appears completely unaware of his actions, though his transition from tourist to terrorist has been so sudden, so odd, so idiosyncratic, there has to be an equally bizarre explanation.Commissari Aldo Mancini of the Rome Carabinieri is under such pressure, not only from his superiors and the Prime Minister’s office, but also from a squad of hard-nosed, belligerent, PR-conscious Cardinals in The Vatican, from a bewildered New Zealand government, and from more Intelligence Agencies than you can shake a stick at. He has to come up with explanations for the attempt on the life of The Holy Father, and the reasons why a senior foreign diplomat should have been the perpetrator.Yet the experienced Mancini cannot arrive at any rational explanation.

He is uncharacteristically dragged in the direction of desperate theories that please nobody, and he’s aware of the open talk of having him replaced.A breakthrough. Henry’s pistol had been used before – in the Spanish murder. And a man, a crippled, heroic, and abundantly unlikely man called Guillermo Gallat, comes forward to suggest his guilt in Barcelona.A link is established. Mancini believes he now has something to investigate properly.

But before he can collect his thoughts, there is breaking news from all corners of the globe. The world is in sudden crisis – there have been assassination attempts on the leaders of all the major powers, some successful, others not.All the attempts are identical to the random murders and the attempt on the Pope‘s life. Black clad assassins with pistols appear like spirits to take just one shot at their powerful targets.

They take no precautions for escape or safety, so most, successful or not, are immediately killed by security personnel. Those that are not fall into a deep coma. As was the intention, these events precipitate the deepest world crisis, particularly of international trust, for seventy years.Mancini and his team are quick to respond through Interpol, ensuring that any physical evidence that links Barcelona and The Vatican can be observed, if it exists, at the other scenes.

Contacts, later friendships, are made with police colleagues all over the world, and Mancini is permitted to call a unique International Police Conference in Rome to discuss the deepening crisis.The police show a unity of aspiration and endeavour that their political masters fail to achieve. Each delegate reviews their home case, and presents new follow-up information.

By so doing, patterns emerge, links highlighted, methods and motives become apparent, and the chief perpetrators identified.The detectives are dealing with a very large organisation of terrorists. They are led by madmen, motivated by megalomania over the encumbrance of any new ideology. They are internationally based, supremely resourced, incredibly skilled, and politically sagacious. Their victims include the assassins themselves, people with common medical characteristics, their actions determined by an external controller at the moment they commit their ‘crime’.

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